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Barefoot Contessa Family Style

Over the past three years, I've been lucky enough to be asked to speak to groups all over the country and I've met wonderful people. Each time I try to ask my audience, "What kinds of recipes would you like to have?" The response is always the same: people want more easy recipes that they can make for their families – and for the dear friends they consider close enough to be family.

This idea of family is behind much of what defines my cooking style. I want everyone who comes to my house to feel like family. I'll share with you lots of the ways I do this when I entertain, setting the stage (or the table) for sharing, connecting, and creating a true sense of community.

People who have had this experience with you will go home feeling nurtured and loved, and the good news is, so will you.

I hope this book helps you discover the pleasure of easy entertaining.


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