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Three Italian Desserts (Serves 1)

Copyright 2010, Ina Garten, All Rights Reserved

Photo: Quentin Bacon

Italian Dessert No. 1
Vanilla ice cream
Frangelico, hazelnut liqueur
Freshly brewed hot espresso
Shavings of dark chocolate
Toasted hazelnuts, chopped

Italian Dessert No. 2
Pound cake, store bought or home made
Amaretto, almond-flavored liqueur
Swiss Chocolate ice cream
Toasted sliced almonds

Italian Dessert No. 3
Vin Santo, sweet Italian dessert wine, chilled, for dipping
Chocolate covered salted caramels

Italian Dessert No. 1
Place one scoop of ice cream in a glass dish and drown the ice cream in espresso. Add a generous splash of Frangelico and scatter shavings of dark chocolate over the top. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of the hazelnuts over the chocolate and garnish with a Biscotti. Serve immediately.

Italian Dessert No. 2
Place a thick slice of cake on a dessert plate and drizzle generously with Amaretto. Place a scoop of ice cream on top of the cake and sprinkle the almonds over the ice cream. Serve immediately.

Italian Dessert No. 3
Pour the Vin Santo in a glass placed in the middle of a large serving plate. Arrange the Biscotti, Clementines and caramels decoratively around the glass.